Error 6656

  • Short Text: The Student Special Education Program Association (sSEPA) Begin Date must occur on or before the IEP End Date.

  • Long Text:

    The Student Special Education Program Association (sSEPA) must occur on or before the IEP End Date.

  • Business Rule Impact:

    • Calculation-- BeginDate in SSEPA is after the IEPEndDate

    • Logic-- It can be before or on the same day.

    • This error will result in data not being included for Oct 1 Child Count reporting. This validation is functioning as intended (Currently not listed on the bug issues list) and should be resolved prior to snapshot.

  • How to Fix: Check to see if the student still has a current Special Education Program Association (sSEPA). If he or she does, then verify the pertinent dates, including program start and end date, as well as the specified IEP begin and end dates, consulting special education records as necessary. The IEP must have started within the current school year or last school year, and the sSEPA must be current for this school year. remove the invalid date and enter the appropriate sSEPA Begin Date.

  • Example: District Deb sees an error on Bart’s record that the begin date for his Special Education Program Association falls after his IEP’s end date. She checks into the matter and discovers that Bart has an active sSEPA as of September 2 of the current school year, but the IEP end date displays an value of July 15 that is unacceptable with the currently listed sSEPA begin date. She verifies with Bart’s Special Education services team and finds that he had an IEP reevaluation September 2 when school started that remains in effect for a calendar year. Deb removes the old values and updates the IEP end date to September 1, 2017, and the sSEPA begin date to September 2, 2016, so that the sSEPA is no longer starting after the IEP has ended.

Number: KBA-01084-H6X0W0
Key Words: code 6656, begin date of sSEPA, Special Education Program Association, IEP end date
Modified: 10/27/2020