Warning 6470

  • Short Text: Actual or Possible Days of Attendance exceeds 200 days.  

  • Long Text: Actual or Possible Days of Attendance exceeds 200 days. Do not include days of summer session attendance.

  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--This is total attendance in a single district or agency (Choice school).

    • Calculation--Total attendance (Actual days or Possible days) in a single district (summing the student enrollment (if multiple enrollments exists) in that school in the calendar year > 200

  • How to Fix: Remove the previous incorrectly entered value for attendance, and then check to see the number of days the student attended, excluding any potential summer school. If the student attended another school at some point, verify correct entry and exit dates for enrollment at your school, ensuring the total attendance between schools does not exceed 200 total days. Update the attendance days to the correct number, and then acknowledge the warning.


  • This often displays for PPP students enrolled in a Choice school when they have been submitted for attendance by both the public and Choice school. Only the Choice school attendance is expected and should be sent. Public schools should send a value of zero (0) for attendance for Choice PPP students.


  • Example: District Deb receives a warning that Joel’s attendance days exceed the maximum of 200 days across all schools. It shows that Joel attended for 385 days for the previous school year. Deb discovers that Joel is a PPP student at a Choice school, but the public school where he receives IEP services has submitted attendance for him. Deb knows only the Choice school should submit Joel’s attendance records, so she removes the days counted by the public school, taking the days of attendance field to 185, an acceptable number to acknowledge and clear the warning.

For more information about attendance, see the Attendance data element page at: https://dpi.wi.gov/wise/data-elements/attendance.
Number: KBA-01150-P7Z4C9
Key Words: attendance, actual or possible days, 200, Choice school, validation code 6470, 6470
Modified: 10/27/2020