Error 6504

  • Short Text: Student was submitted by another district or agency as an expected inter-district transfer to your district.

  • Long Text: Student was submitted by another district as an expected inter-district transfer to your district. No record of this inter-district transfer has been found in WISEdata. If this student transferred to your agency or district, then submit a WISEdata enrollment record for the student to verify the student's status as a transfer rather than a dropout. IDEA-eligible students with disabilities attending a private school within your district boundaries, Parent Placed Private Students, should be enrolled in your district in WISEdata. If the student does not meet the criteria to be enrolled in your district or agency, then refer to the WISEdata Portal Student Detail for further information.  

  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--(1) This is the PUBLIC school version of this rule.  (2) This rule is the main indicator that the WISEdata expected transfer screen will need to be completed for this student. (3) This rule runs when the expected_transfer_agency is not null, is a valid district for the appropriate school year, does not equal submitting agency AND expected transfer response is null. (4) This rule ignores records where the expected_transfer_agency_key is a Choice school key. (5) This rule ignores records where the student is a private-paying student in a private school. (6) This is a DISTRICT & CMO level error. If the non-district 2R does not belong to a CMO, then it acts as if it is a district. (7) Expected transfer response becomes required when this error is thrown. (8) This is an interdistrict transfer. (9) This runs for possible full-term dropouts.

  • How to Fix: Check to see whether or not the student in question transferred to your school/district. If so, verify enrollment start dates by attendance or teacher/school information, and then create a new enrollment record for the student. If you have no record of the student transferring to your district, then do not create the enrollment, as the student may be a dropout or have transferred elsewhere. You could try to contact the former district to have them remove your district as the expected transfer location.

  • Example: Henry’s record is throwing an error that another district submitted him as a transfer. District Deb likes to keep these affairs in order, so she checks into the potential transfer. She sees that Henry exited Mocha High School February 10, and Mocha recorded that Henry was expected to transfer to Espresso High School. Espresso didn't create a new enrollment, but Deb discovers that Henry has attendance records with known attendance from Feb 12 through the current date. It must have been a clerical oversight, so Deb verifies the start date and then creates a new enrollment record for Henry at Espresso High.

Number: KBA-01215-S2Y5K8
Key Words: code 6504, expected transfer, inter-district, exit type, exit date, enrollment
Modified: 10/27/2020