Error 6615

  • Short Text: Invalid program for student Special Education Program Assocation.

  • Long Text: Invalid program for student Special Education Program Assocation. The education organization ID, program type, and program ID must be 48856, 'Special Education', and 'Special Education', respectively for all student Special Education Program Associations. Contact your SIS vendor to correct this.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--sSEPA with any other program reference combinations than the below will receive this error. ProgrameducationOrganizationId (under programreference) = 48856 programTypeId = 49 (special education) programName = Special Education

  • How to Fix: Check that the student has an active special education program association. If so, remove the invalid program ID. The student needs a valid program type and ID of 'Special Education' with the correct educational organization ID attached. Work with your SIS vendor to determine where to enter this information or to make sure the vendor transmits the proper values for special education programs you've entered.

  • Example: District Deb notices Barney has an invalid program listed for his special education program association. She removes the incorrect values and verifies what the appropriate education and program ID info should be before checking with her SIS vendor to ensure they are sending these correct values for Barney’s sSEPA. Once the new values are pushed to WISEdata, the error should clear.

Number: KBA-01235-P0B6L8
Key Words: code 6615, invalid program, sSEPA, special education, program type, program ID
Modified: 10/27/2020