Error 6497

  • Short Text: High School Completion reported for multiple enrollment periods within a single school term.

  • Long Text: Student was recorded as receiving multiple High School Completion Credentials from your district or system during a single school term. This would result in the student being counted multiple times in district-wide high school completion statistics. Only one exit type 'High School Completion' is allowed per district per student per year. Consider use of Exit Type 'Transfer to a school within WISEid; known to be continuing,' in lieu of 'High School Completion' if both apply, especially if the student receives a Regular High School Diploma in a later school. Consider use of Exit Type 'Prior Completion Credential,' if the reverse is true.

  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--(1)  The multiple credentials must be in the the same school term from the same district or Choice system. (2) This rule does NOT run at the school level. (3) This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term Dropout (FTD) records.

  • How to Fix: First verify whether or not the student completed high school and in which school. Check enrollment and attendance records or with school staff as necessary to determine the correct school that should have the reported High School Completion. Once you have determined the correct school, ensure the other school removes that exit type and enters an appropriate one to show the student didn’t actually complete the term there. Ensure exit dates are correct as well. Then ensure the enrollment start dates and exit dates are accurate in the correct, enrollment-holding school. The enrollment-holding school needs the High School Completion Exit Type then to clear the error.

  • Example: District Deb notes an error on Dwight’s record that he has multiple High School Completions reported. Deb looks into the matter and sees that Dwight was attending his senior year at Paper Crane High School, but he has a new enrollment start date of April 21 at Glass Lantern High School. Paper Crane and Glass Lantern both exited him at the end of the school year with an HSC exit type. Deb knows he can’t complete the term in two different schools, so after some digging, she discovers Dwight transferred in April, but Paper Crane forgot to exit him. They then mistakenly exited him at the end of the year as HSC with the other seniors when he was actually enrolled at Glass Lantern at that point. Deb has Paper Crane enter an exit date in April and a transfer exit code instead, while Glass Lantern maintains their accurate enrollment and exit information.

Number: KBA-01217-K6N3R9
Key Words: code 6497, HSC, high school completion, school term
Modified: 10/27/2020